11 of The Best Domain Name Registrars

When you need to buy a domain name you turn to a domain name registrar to make the purchase. Domain registrars help you find, buy, and manage your domain names. Finding a domain name registrar isn’t difficult. There are thousands of domain registrars out there. But finding the best domain name registrar can be a little tricky. Before you buy a domain, name there are a few things you should know.

Domain name prices can vary from one registrar to another. The initial price is rarely the same as the renewal price. And if you don’t want your personal information published on the internet, you’ll want to include domain privacy, sometimes called Whois privacy. Some domain registrars will charge you for domain privacy while the best domain name registrars will include it for free.

There are a few things you should be aware of if you plan on transferring your domain name to another registrar. Transfer prices can differ from the initial and renewal rates. But more importantly, you’ll lose any remaining time you have left on your registration. Your new registrar will charge you for a minimum of a year and your registration time will start over.

This article will help you overcome some of the challenges of finding a good registrar. The list has some of the best registrars online. Pricing information can be hard to find so I went through and added a link to each registrars’ price charts.

If you want to learn more about domain names read How to Find and Register a Domain Name. Otherwise, here is a list of some of the best domain registrars.


Namecheap was initially founded in 2000 and is noted as being one of the fastest-growing American companies, according to the Inc. 5000. Having been around for about twenty years, they have made a name for themselves as one of the cheapest places to register a domain.

Their search system is impressive, allowing for batch searching with up to fifty results. The company further breaks down your search results into four major categories: Popular, New, Discounted, and International.

One of the critical selling points that Namecheap has going for it is its free domain privacy which they call WhoisGuard. Register a domain with Namecheap, and they ensure that your personal information remains protected. The company also offers SSL certificates and hosting as additional services.

On average, their prices are pretty reasonable. Registering a .com domain will cost you $8.88 for the first year, with a .net domain offered for $11.98. Their low prices, responsive customer service and free WhoisGuard makes them one of the best domain name registers around.

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Porkbun was established in 2014 in Portland, OR, making it a relative domain name registrar. The company’s claim to fame comes from its seamless, straightforward user experience.

Their search page and the results it generates is very intuitive to navigate, making it easy to find what you’re looking for. They also provide a transparent price breakdown, which includes the cost of the domain as well as transfer and renewal costs in a handy table.

Porkbun gets a lot of attention because of how simple it makes the process of registering a brand-new domain. It also provides clients with free WHOIS protection and SSL certificates. You also have a choice of signing up for a free trial with their hosting and email services as a bonus.

What makes them one of the best domain name registrars is their first year prices. I’ve seen .com domain names go for $4.14 and .xyz domains as low as 0.79 cents. Their domain name pricing for renewals is also attractive, .com domain renewals are priced at $8.56, and a .net domain is $10.54.

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Google Domains

Google Domains is the search giant’s attempt at providing a no-frills approach to domain registration. Established in 2015 as an open beta, the system is still in beta to this day.

The minimalist experience it provides appeals to some, and its layout is very familiar for anyone who’s used Google’s suite of services. This simplicity makes it an excellent fit for beginners. Google Domains offers its users free WHOIS privacy when they register a domain.

Thanks to its integration with other Google sites, SSL isn’t necessary for users who register a domain for use with Blogger or Google My Business. Those sites already come with SSL enabled. Using the site anywhere else will require you to purchase a third-party SSL certificate.

Most of the top-level domains (TLDs) are supported, but a few still aren’t. You can get a .com or a .net for an average price of $12. Their easy integration with Google products and low prices make them one of the best domain name registrars available.

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GoDaddy was established in 1997, making it a domain name registrar with a lot of history behind it. The company’s claim to fame comes from being the world’s largest domain name registrar, with over seventeen million users and access to seventy-five million domains. For years it was by far the best domain name registrar.

GoDaddy offers a quick and straightforward way to purchase domains in bulk, and even provides packages that allow users to bundle their domain name purchase with hosting.

On the downside, GoDaddy’s low headline prices usually come at the cost of signing up for a two-year contract with them. They do have additional services such as SSL certificates and WHOIS privacy, but they each come with an additional cost attached.

GoDaddy’s upselling for their extra services can be excessive, especially if all you want to do is register a domain name. Their non-contract prices are steep as well, with .com domains going for $17.99 and .net domains priced at $19.99.

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Established in 2000, Domain.com does precisely what it says in the name – provide domains. They are known for having a good reputation, fueled by their longstanding relationships with some of the internet’s largest websites. Their search system makes it easy to find what you’re looking for, and their checkout process for domain registration is straightforward.

In addition to domain registration, they offer email and malware protection as paid add-ons, alongside WHOIS protection and SSL certificates. They also make it easy for users to transfer domains to and from the company.

Unfortunately, Domain.com offers a ton of upsells to go with their paid add-ons. Some of these can be quite annoying, and even getting in the way of checkout. Their prices aren’t that low either. The average cost of a .com is $9.99, with a .net domain setting you back $12.99. the company’s provision of a free website builder does little to help its reputation.

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Dynadot started as a domain registrar in 2002 and has a reputation for being affordable. Their website’s search function offers an in-depth breakdown of domains, and even includes International Domain Name (IDN) results alongside several TLDs.

Their transparent pricing for domain name registration is a huge plus. They offer their clients a free website builder and even throw in traffic forwarding for no cost. Dynadot also provides hosting and bundle deals alongside their domain registration services.

One of the unique features they provide for users is a Grace Deletion period. Users can return to their website after a scheduled deletion and restore it to its previous state using this paid feature.

Clients of Dynadot get WHOIS protection for free, but SSL certificates are a paid add-on. The prices are very affordable, in keeping with their reputation. A .com domain will set you back $7.99 and a .net as little as $5.99.

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Founded in 2010, NameSilo’s focus as a company has always been on providing a simple and affordable way for domain name registration. Their ease of use has made them one of the more popular domain registrars, even though their user interface seems to be a bit dated.

NameSilo offers an intuitive search system that offers transparent prices. NameSilo also provides transparent pricing for domain name purchases, so you don’t have to worry about hidden fees. They do offer a handful of complementary services, but they keep the upselling to a minimum.

The free services you get with NameSilo are pretty extensive. Clients have access to free DNS management, API access, domain name forwarding, customized parking, and WHOIS protection. SSL certificates are purchasable for an additional fee as an add-on service.

Their prices are extremely competitive, looking at what they come with. On average, a .com domain costs $8.99, with a .net domain priced at $11.79.

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Hover was initially an offshoot of Tucows Inc. and started doing business in 2009. Hover’s fame stems from the fact that they only do one thing, but they do it very well. Their focus on providing a top-class domain registration service has set them apart from most others in the industry.

Hover offers email services as a paid add-on, but no website builder or hosting, bundled or otherwise. Buyers get access to free WHOIS privacy protection. Unfortunately, Hover doesn’t offer SSL as part of their purchase package for domain registration.

On the plus side, their search system is easy to use, and even beginners can quickly search for a domain name and filter out the options they’re not interested in. Hover offers a lot of TLDs for sale, suitable for either individual or commercial clients.

Because of how few services they provide, there isn’t a lot of upselling going on. Average costs can be a bit on the expensive side, with a .com going for $12.99 and a .net on offer for $15.49.

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This domain name registrar was founded in 2003 and has shown up in the news both positively and negatively in recent years. They are well-known for offering the newest TLDs available, as well as premium domains to their clients. Their domain search system is powerful, and they have an excellent method for locating bulk domain listings. Unfortunately, their results page can be challenging to navigate.

Clients of Name.com get access to free DNS management and email forwarding. If you want SSL certificates or WHOIS name protection, it will cost extra as a paid add-on. Users get access to the company’s website builder as well as the option to forward their site automatically to social media channels.

Unfortunately, while the initial pricing for domains is affordable, the renewal costs may be expensive. The initial pricing for both a .com and a .net domain for the first year both come up to $8.99. The price for domain name transfer isn’t prohibitive if you intend to move after the initial year’s registration is up.

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Enom.com is one of the oldest domain name registrars and is well known for its dedication to resellers. The company also has a reputation for offering affordable bulk domain name registration. Knowing how easy Enom.com’s bulk registration system is for domains, it’s clear why they’ve earned this reputation.

Unfortunately, their user interface leaves a lot to be desired. They offer many features, such as WHOIS privacy protection and SSL certificates, but each comes with an attached cost. Even though their add-ons aren’t free, users still need to rely on third-party plugins to get some of them to work.

To add to their unintuitive user interface, their billing system can also be quite confusing. While the company forged its reputation on being friendly to resellers, its current prices aren’t of the same caliber. For a buyer, Enom.com offers .com domains priced at $13.95 and .net domains for $16.57.

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Register is the oldest domain name registrar on this list, Register.com, was founded in 1994 as an offshoot of Web.com. The parent company has quite a long history as a name registrar, stretching back to the early days of the internet.

While, in the past, Register.com’s reputation may have been well-earned, their obscure pricing turns off a lot of buyers. Before you see any domain pricing information, you’re required to register for an account on their site.

The lack of transparent pricing also comes with the added annoyance of misleading information. Register.com will try to upsell you on add-ons, by using sidebars that give false information.

You can get SSL and WHOIS privacy protection, but it won’t come free with your purchase of a domain. When you do find the prices, the initial domain orders come at a massive discount. Each additional purchase, however, has an enormous additional cost. The average price of a .com domain and a .net domain comes up to $5 in the first instance.

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