What is WIX? - Learn More About Using WIX To Build Your Website


What Is WIX?

WIX is one of the best website builders around. It makes it extremely easy for beginners to create a personal, blog, small business or eCommerce website. The free plan lets you create as many websites as you want, and you only have to upgrade when you want to add additional features like a personal domain name or custom email.

WIX comes with a lot of great features. They include many of the items you need to build your website and the editor makes it one of the easiest website builders to create a website with. WIX is great for people who want to quickly create a website using a drag and drop interface and without writing code.

WIX Is All Inclusive

The first thing you’ll need when building a website is a nice-looking template. There are over 500 WIX templates you can choose from to create a beautiful looking website. Next you’ll want to add a logo. If you have a premium plan, you can create a free logo using the WIX Logo Maker. Not only does it help create your logo, you can also create headers for your social media accounts.

As you create your web pages, you might notice pages without graphics are just plain boring. Where are you going to find images for your website? WIX has you covered. Under the add menu in the editor you’ll find a lot of free graphics. They have free Images, Illustrations and icons you can use to keep readers interested in your blog posts.

One of the most valuable things you can do to your website is add functionality to it. You add functionality by installing apps. The WIX App Market has a log of apps you can use to extend the functionality of your website. These include the ability to add a blog, image galleries, stores, social media icons and more. Most come with a free version.

The WIX Editor

The WIX editor is a WYSIWYG editor that is extremely easy to use. It allows you to select items from menus and drag and drop them to where you want them to appear on the screen. With the WIX editor, you can completely build your website without writing code.

For Example, the Menus and Pages options shows a list of all the pages on your website. Arranging the pages on this menu also updates the order your pages appear on the site navigation. You can also update how a page looks on social media and in google search results. All without writing code.

It’s important to make sure your website is responsive. Meaning it looks good on both desktop and mobile devices. The WIX editor has toggle buttons that allow you to edit your site for both desktop and mobile screens. Changes you make in mobile mode will only effect how the website looks on mobile devices and vice versa.

The WIX Dashboard

Every website needs a place to manage the key features for the entire website. The WIX dashboard is where you configure site wide settings like the domain name, email address and SEO setting for the entire website. The dashboard also contains suggestions on things you can add to improve your website like Email Marketing or Google Analytics.

From the WIX dashboard you can add and manage Apps. After adding an app to your site, you might notice some additional settings in the dashboard. Apps add links to the side menu to make it easy for you to configure their settings. You can even add contributors to your website. The roles and permissions section lets you add contributors via their email address.

When Should I Use WIX

There are different platforms for different sites. You might be wondering if WIX is a good platform for you. I’ve found that WIX is great for people who want to quickly and easily create a website. It’s great for people who want to get a website up and running as soon as possible so they can focus on creating their content.

WIX isn’t for everyone. If you’re creating a small business website, you might want to look at other platforms like WordPress. This is because you’re stuck on the WIX platform. If something goes wrong, you can’t easily move your website to another location.

While WIX makes it super easy to create a website, that ease of use comes at a cost. The extra code makes the pages slower and more difficult to optimize them for SEO. If you’re a business or want to maximize the amount of organic traffic your website receives, WIX might not be the best choice for you.

This doesn’t mean that WIX is bad. Other platforms can be quite complex and require a significant amount of technical knowledge to get your website online. Something a lot of beginners might not want to bother with. Under those conditions, WIX is one of the best website builders to build your website with.

If you choose to build your website using WIX, take a look at How to Make a WIX Website for step by step instructions on how to start a WIX website.

If you decide to upgrade to a premium plan, WIX has a discount code for you. Follow this link to get a Wix Promo Code for 10 percent off your purchase.