26 of The Best WIX Templates You Can Use for Free

WIX templates can speed up the time it takes to make a website. Without a template you’d have to design the colors, fonts and page layouts of your website from scratch. Choosing one fo the best WIX templates will help you quickly setup a website so you can focus on creating great content for your site visitors.

Below I’ve selected some of the best WIX templates from a variety of different categories. If you don’t see a template you like, don’t worry, WIX has over 500 different templates to choose from. And Best of all, each of the templates are free to use when you sign up for a free WIX account.

The links below will take you to the templates demo site. From there you can edit the template and get a feel for how it works. See How to Make a WIX Website if you’d like more information about how to create your own free WIX website.

The Best WIX Templates

Classic Layout

One of the most exciting things about WIX as a site builder is how flexible its Classic Layout is. This theme allows you to take advantage of the powerful site-building capabilities WIX offers on the back end without limiting your creativity. The open-ended potential that this layout provides is one of its best points. The clean layout lends itself to any design.

Classic Layout is useful for business website design covering several disciplines or industries. Because of how adaptable it is, we’d suggest it to be the starting point for your first Wix site.

Pet Care

The Pet Care template offers an eye-catching array of design elements that left us in awe of how easy it was to get engrossed in a site. It’s a colorful template with loads of pastel colors and eye-catching typography. These elements help to give users a website that they can use for anything from a pet care service to a personal profile for professionals.

We especially liked the single-page layout element and infinite scroll. We do think it suits pet groomers, veterinarians, and other pet-centric businesses.

Beauty Salon

The Beauty Salon template brings the soft and soothing atmosphere of a spa to your website. With a clean design and a warm purple and pink color scheme, this template puts the focus on your business. The simple homepage allows visitors to scroll through and find a list of all the services you offer.

The online booking page makes this WIX template stand out. Clients can choose exactly the services they want and book online. The Beauty Salon template is the perfect choice for an upscale salon.

The Dog Walker

This WIX template is nothing short of adorable. It features your name in big, bold letters surrounded by illustrations of puppies, paws, bones, and toys. The Dog Walker template is perfect for an independent dog walker or pet sitter.

The booking button featured on the landing page is perfect for driving business. The toolbar on the right allows you to link social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Yelp. Plus, there’s plenty of space for pictures of furry friends enjoying their walks!

House Painters

Looking for a WIX template that will add a splash of color to your website? Look no further than the House Painters template. An eye-catching image of bright buckets of paint draws in the viewer’s eye without cluttering up the page.

The simple design of this template makes it easy for potential clients to get in touch. Clients can request a quote right from the home page. Visitors can find your contact information through the top toolbar. There’s also a “Hire Us” button right on the landing page.

Art Portfolio

If you believe that a picture is worth a thousand words, then Art Portfolio is the perfect template for you. This template keeps the clutter to an absolute minimum and puts the focus on your art. The home page is as simple as it gets, with only your name and an image.

Despite the minimalistic design, this template has room for everything an artist needs. The navigation bar on the left side directs visitors to your portfolio, biography, and contact information.

One Page Layout

If you’re looking for the best WIX template that’s minimalistic but not boring, the One Page Layout is it. It has a simple, bright design with geometric shapes and plenty of room for you to add your own pictures. This template would be ideal for an artist or a small business owner.

The template includes an About section, a place to list services you offer, and a space to showcase your work. The bottom of the page has a contact form that makes it easy for potential customers to get in touch with you.

Personal Blog

The Personal Blog template is striking. This classic black and white template features your blog title in big, bold letters. A simple navigation bar makes it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for or connect with you on social media.

There’s space right up top for a featured blog post with a large image that’s sure to grab readers’ attention. Below is an easy email subscription widget to help your readers stay in touch. Readers can also browse your most recent posts or learn about you in the sidebar.

Handyman Service

The Handyman Service template is great for the independent handyman who wants to establish a web presence. You want your site to drive business by making it easy for customers to get in touch and this template will help. It features your phone number and a contact button on the landing page.

You can also let visitors know about the services you offer in a section adorned with fun icons that depict hammers, wrenches, and more. Another section provides a space to showcase testimonials from happy clients. This template is simple and hassle-free, perfect for a busy handyman.

Construction Company

Does your construction business need a polished, professional website? Then the Construction Company template is perfect. This template features big splashy pictures of construction sites and bright yellow accents. The single-page design makes it easy to scroll through each section.

There’s plenty of room to showcase your services and past projects with pictures. An

embedded map makes it easy for potential customers to find you in the real world. The added contact form will help them get in touch quickly. Whether your company is just getting started or is well-established, this template will make you look like a pro.


The Locksmith template has everything a locksmith needs to start a website. This WIX template makes it easy for customers to get in touch when they need help with their locks. It has your phone number right on the home page, plus links to social media and a space for your physical address.

Separate residential and automotive pages let customers know what services you offer. These pages are basically pre-made for you with graphics that show all kinds of locksmithing services. This template is ideal for any locksmith and requires minimal effort to personalize.

Wedding Photography

Choosing a wedding photographer is one of the biggest decisions a bride has to make. With the Wedding Photography template, your website will stand out from the crowd. Your photography takes center stage on this template. The front page has a large feature image and plenty of tiles you can fill with pictures.

Clients will have no problem finding you on social media thanks to the icons on the sidebar. The template has additional pages so you can feature a portfolio and client albums. An online booking page makes it easy for clients to get in touch.


The Hairdresser template is sleek and stylish. Right away, the home page has scrolling pictures, the perfect chance to grab viewers’ attention with photos of your work. There’s room to feature a variety of styles in smaller images below to showcase services such as bridal hairstyling. Potential clients can find more info and pictures on the Services and Gallery pages.

Want to get clients in the door? Highlight popular services right on your homepage with an image and a “Book Now” button. You can also include testimonials from clients who love your work.

Nail Salon

Simple and clean with a few well-placed pops of color, the Nail Salon template is both functional and fashionable. There’s not much to this WIX template, but it’s enough to give potential clients the information they need. There’s room to feature services on the home page with eye-catching photos. The About Us and Contact pages will keep clients in the loop.

One of the standout features of this template is the easy-to-use online booking. Clients can choose exactly what services they want and schedule an appointment without even picking up the phone.

Food Truck

Food trucks are one of the hottest trends in the restaurant world. If you run a food truck, you’ll need a cutting-edge website to bring in hungry customers. The Food Truck template will do just that.

This template combines quirky, colorful graphics with plenty of room for mouthwatering photos of menu items. Links to your social media will help customers stay in touch. Plus, you can connect your Instagram feed so visitors get a glimpse of your latest posts. The location page allows you to show exactly where you plan to park your truck so customers find you.

Restaurant Site

Fine dining is all about simplicity and sophistication. The Restaurant Site template has both. The homepage displays a full-screen photograph of your food and a sidebar that makes booking a reservation easy. The Menu page allows guests to see what you’re cooking up. Convenient icons let them know which items are vegan, vegetarian, or might be on the spicy side.

The online ordering page is one of this template’s best features. If your restaurant offers takeout or delivery, this template will make it easy. Customers can peruse the menu, choose their dishes, and checkout online.

Graphic Design Portfolio

For a graphic designer, it’s especially important to have a website that looks good. The Graphic Design Portfolio template is sure to impress potential clients. Feature your best work right on the homepage with clickable tiles that lead visitors to more information on each project.

What makes this one of the best WIX templates is its simplicity. The navigation bar is tucked away at the bottom of the page, so all the focus is on your work. Everything is black and white, which allows your designs to stand out even more.

Tattoo Designs

A good website is more important than ever for tattoo studios. Many new clients are doing their research online before getting inked. The Tattoo Designs template makes it easy to set up a professional-looking website. The homepage is slick, with a black background and cool animation of traditional tattoo designs.

More importantly, clients can check out each of your artists and view a gallery of their work. Seeing previous work is one of the ways a potential client picks an artist. This template makes it easy to feature your best work with minimal distractions.

Product Landing Page

If you’re looking to sell your own brand of juice cleanse, you’ll need a website that stands out. The Product Landing Page template is simple but effective. This template has big colorful images of different juices and fruits that are sure to draw visitors’ attention.

There are plenty of opportunities for customers to order, with a button on nearly every image. The bottom of the page has space for links to your social media, plus an email sign-up. That’s about all there is to this template, so if you’re looking for something simple but effective, this is a good choice.

T-Shirt Market

Need a website to sell your cool t-shirt designs? The T-shirt Market template is exactly what you’re looking for. This template allows you to show off your custom shirts with style. Customers can browse designs right on the home page. The Quick View button allows them to see a design up close and the color choices available without leaving the home page.

It’s easy for customers to add items to their cart and make a purchase online. Additional pages allow you to direct visitors to a physical location, give a little more info about yourself, and answer some FAQs.

Jewelry Designer

This elegant and sophisticated template is the perfect way to showcase your jewelry designs. The Jewelry Design template keeps things simple with a white background and minimalistic design. The home page cycles through several large images and is perfect for highlighting your best work.

Making online sales is painless with this WIX template. Visitors can browse your collections, add items to their cart, and make their purchase through your website. You can easily direct visitors to a physical location or help customers get in touch through the Locations or Contact pages.

Author Portfolio

If you’re an up-and-coming author, web design probably isn’t your forte. The Author Portfolio template creates the perfect site for you, giving you the web presence you need in today’s world. The homepage has an attention-grabbing full-screen image with your name. It’s sleek, professional, and sure to pique visitors’ interest in your work.

Below, you can add images of your most recent published works. The single-page design makes this template easy to navigate. Visitors can scroll to find press quotes about your work, a book tour schedule, and a biography.

Wedding DJ

A good DJ knows how to bring the party to any event. The Wedding DJ template will help you bring the same upbeat energy to your website. With a fun purple background that resembles stage lighting and plenty of pops of color throughout, this WIX template lets visitors know you’re ready to get the party started.

Each page has plenty of room for pictures and videos from recent events. The Media page allows you to embed your favorite playlists so potential clients can get a sample of what you offer. This is the perfect template for any DJ.

Rock Music

Get ready to rock and roll with the Rock Music template. This dark and edgy template is sure to make your band stand out. The homepage features your name and logo against a black background. Visitors can scroll to see the latest news about your band.

The Tour page makes it easy to let your fans know where you’re headed. On the Media page, fans can check out your songs and music videos. Each page has links to all your social media in convenient icons on the top bar, so fans can connect with you.


The Fundraising template is fun, simple, and colorful. It has everything you need to throw a great online fundraiser. The bright blue background and fun piggy bank illustration on the homepage are sure to draw in visitors. Of course, you can also add a paragraph or two about why you’re raising money to seal the deal.

The one-page design keeps this WIX template simple and easy to navigate. There’s minimal clutter on the page, which prominently features a large “donate” button. Below that, you can add a slideshow of pictures, some sponsor logos, and links to your social media.


In today’s world, even churches need a web presence. With its stunning design, the Church template makes setting up a website for your church easy. You’re sure to get visitors’ attention with gorgeous scrolling full-screen photos on the homepage.

You can easily let your congregation know about upcoming events or feature quotes and scripture on the homepage, too. Additional pages have room to provide information on the services your church offers. You can even request donations. The chatbox makes it easy for visitors to get in touch, a feature that churches will no doubt appreciate.


This list should help you find some of the best WIX templates. If you didn’t see any that you like don’t worry. WIX has over 500 different templates to choose from.